IELTS cue card Jan to Apr 2021

IELTS cue card is very important in the speaking module. we bring here IELTS cue card Jan to Apr 2021 which helps you to prepare your IELTS exam. most of the students get nervous during the speaking exam the main reason behind that Students do not know what the examiner will ask them. So to solve this problem and for the easiness of the students, we prepare a list of  IELTS cue cards from Jan to Apr 2021 with answers. you can also say that these are the latest cue card for the upcoming IELTS exam.

IELTS cue card Jan to Apr 2021
IELTS cue card Jan to Apr 2021


  1. Talk about a TV program you watched in your childhood
  2. Describe the person who taught you something important
  3. Talk about a Day when you spend with your Best friend
  4. Describe the person you want to become after 10 years
  5. Describe a project or some work that you did with others as a member of a Team
  6. Talk about a time when you visited a Hill Station
  7. Describe a Goal You achieved
  8. Describe a uniform you wear
  9. Describe an exciting event
  10. Describe an article on health that you read online or in a magazine
  11. Describe a trip or vist that you went on by public transport
  12. Describe one time when the weather broke your plans
  13. Describe a challenge that you meet
  14. Describe an important text message that you received
  15. Describe an important skill you learned
  16. Describe an important journey that was delayed
  17. Describe a change that you can improve your local area
  18. Describe an experience when you couldn’t use a mobile phone
  19. Describe a job you don’t want to do
  20. Describe a time you went to a crowded place
  21. Describe an interesting animal
  22. Describe a person who has apologized to you
  23. Describe your Dream House
  24. Describe a family member that you spend a lot of time with
  25. Describe a situation when you helped someone
  26. Describe a person who has apologized to you
  27. Describe a small business you know
  28. Describe a toy that you liked when you were a child
  29. Describe a performance or show you enjoyed watching
  30. Describe a person in the news you want to meet
  31. Describe something you brought that was hard to use at first
  32. IELTS cue card - Describe Coronavirus pandemic cue card

January to April cue cards 2021

Describe the person you would like to become in ten years cue card

Describe a loving person that you know ielts cue card

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