ielts reading practice test pdf 2023-24 with answers

      Are you gearing up for the IELTS test and need focused preparation for the Reading module? Look no further! Our updated IELTS Academic Reading Practice Tests pdf for 2023-24 are here to assist you. Comprising three parts and 40 questions, these tests mirror the actual exam's format. Each test section features 500-700 words extracted from reputable sources like journals, magazines, newspapers, and scholarly works. The topics cover general interest areas, providing you with varied and insightful reading material. 

                                  IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 2023-24 pdf

ielts reading practice test pdf, Latest ielts reading practice test 2023-24 with answers pdf
Ielts reading practice test pdf

we are updating these tests according to a new pattern IELTS reading practice test 2023-24

Types of questions in IELTS reading Test

There are two different kind of IELTS Reading. Academic reading and General reading.
ielts academic reading test contain 40 question.  

  • matching information – you have to find the information from given paragraph Like paragraph A,B,C,D and so on. just read the statement of question clearly and find the answer from the paragraph. Mostly the information are given in the first two and lines and last lines.
  • Matching headlines – match the paragraph information with given question, sometimes you have to read full passage. No paragraph and heading used twice. 
  • Multiple choice – MCQ Questions select the one answer by read the paragraph, just follow the keywords, it will be easy to find answer.
  • Matching sentence endings – just match the ending information with the starting of the sentence. you could be confusing to find it, because most of the information are paraphrased by the author. 
  • List of headings - it is the most difficult section in the IELTS reading section. but if you do practice it becomes so easy.  
  • True False and not given -this kind of question little tricky, most student finding difficulty to solve it. Author saying exact same which information given in paragraph then it is true, if the statement is contradicted s then is false and if the information not given in the paragraph then it will be not given. 
  • Yes no and not given – these are the same type of question as previous but keep remembering always read carefully what are they asking. 
  • Diagram completion and label the diagram question – Diagram is based on the information provide in the paragraph. it could be process chart, mechanism, or flow chart. There will be space and you have to write the words in between them.
  • Fill in the blanks. - blanks are the easiest part of reading just read the para and find the answer.


1-20 Download Academic Reading Practice Test 2024 

  1. IELTS Reading practice test 1
  2. IELTS Reading practice test 2
  3. IELTS Reading practice test 311
  4. IELTS Reading practice test 4
  5. IELTS Reading practice test 5
  6. IELTS Reading practice test 6
  7. IELTS Reading practice test 7
  8. IELTS Reading practice test 8
  9. IELTS Reading practice test 9
  10. IELTS Reading practice test 10
  11. IELTS Reading practice test 11
  12. IELTS Reading practice test 12
  13. IELTS Reading practice test 13
  14. IELTS Reading practice test 14
  15. IELTS Reading practice test 15
  16. IELTS Reading practice test 16
  17. IELTS Reading practice test 17
  18. IELTS Reading practice test 18
  19. IELTS Reading practice test 19
  20. IELTS Reading practice test 20

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these tests similar to the official IELTS test?
Yes, these IELTS reading PDF tests are based on the official IELTS Academic test organized by IDP.
Can I get good band score by practicing these test?
Practicing these tests, which are based on previous IELTS exams, can significantly improve your chances of obtaining a good score. While the actual IELTS exam won't directly repeat the same paragraphs or questions from these practice tests, practicing them can make you more familiar with the types of content and question formats that typically appear on the test. This familiarity can boost your confidence and enhance your performance. So, yes, with consistent practice, you can improve your IELTS score and increase your confidence for the actual exam.
do I need any extra classes to improve my ielts reading?

no i dont think so, if you are correcting 25 plus question in one hour, you can dont need any coaching, more over you can also read this article for improving ielts reading skills


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