Henry Moore Ielts Reading Answers

 Henry Moore Ielts Reading Answers(1898-1986)

The British sculptor Henry Moore was a leading figure in the 20th-century art world








8. resignation

9. materials

10. miners

11. family

12. collectors

13. income


Questions 14-20

14   Section A


iii         From initial inspiration to new product


15   Section B


vi         Cleaning water from a range of sources


16   Section C


v          What makes the device different from alternatives


17   Section D


x          The number of people affected by water shortages


18   Section E


iv         The range of potential customers for the device


19   Section F


viii       Profit not the primary goal


20   Section G


i           Getting the finance for production



Questions 21-26


How the Desolenator works

The energy required to operate the Decelerator comes from sunlight. The device can be used in different locations, as it has 21wheels… . Water is fed into a pipe, and a 22film… of water flows over a solar panel. The water then enters a boiler, where it turns into steam. Any particles in the water are caught in a 23filter… . The purified water comes out through one tube, and all types of 24waste… come out through another. A screen displays the 25performance… of the device, and transmits the information to the company so that they know when the Desolenator requires 26…servicing… .


Questions 27-31

27   In fairy tales, details of the plot


C     show considerable global variation.


28   Tehrani rejects the idea that the useful lessons for life in fairy tales


B     are the reason for their survival.


29   Various theories about the social significance of fairy tales


F     have been developed without factual basis.


30   Insights into the development of fairy tales


A     may be provided through methods used in biological research.


31   All the fairy tales analysed by Tehrani


E     were originally spoken rather than written.



Questions 32-36


Phylogenetic analysis of Little Red Riding Hood


Tehrani used techniques from evolutionary biology to find out if 32…links… existed among 58 stories from around the world. He also wanted to know which aspects of the stories had fewest 33…variations…, as he believed these aspects would be the most important ones. Contrary to other beliefs, he found that some 34…events… that were included in a story tended to change over time, and that the middle of a story seemed no more important than the other parts. He was also surprised that parts of a story which seemed to provide some sort of 35…warning… were unimportant. The aspect that he found most important in a story’s survival was 36…horror…



Questions 37-40

37   What method did Jamie Tehrani use to test his ideas about fairy tales?


B   He looked at many different forms of the same basic story.


38   When discussing Tehrani’s views, Jack Zipes suggests that


D   features of stories only survive if they have a deeper significance.


39   Why does Tehrani refer to Chinese and Japanese fairy tales?


A   to indicate that Jack Zipes’ theory is incorrect


40   What does Mathias Clasen believe about fairy tales?


A   They are a safe way of learning to deal with fear.


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