50 ielts General reading practice test pdf 2021-22 with answers

Ielts reading is a very essential part of ielts test. Here you can find the IELTS general 50 Ielts reading practice test 2021-22 pdf free. General Reading has 3 parts and 40 questions and to be solved in 60 minutes. Each part contains 250- 300 words. And these paragraphs taken from journals, biography, magazines and newspapers, and sometimes scholars books. Most topics are of general interest and informative. 

ielts General reading practice test pdf 2021-22

ielts General reading practice test pdf 2021-22 with answers
General reading practice test pdf 2021-22 

Types of questions in General Ielts reading Test

There are two different kind of IELTS Reading. Academic reading and General reading.
ielts academic reading test contain 40 question.  

  • matching information - in this type of questions student have to find the information from given paragraph Like paragraph A,B,C,D and so on. just read the question carefully and find the answer from paragraph. mostly the information are given in the first two and lines and last lines.
  • choosing a title - you have to choose a suitable by reading paragraph.
  • Matching sentence endings - just match the ending information with the starting of sentence. you could be confuse to find it, because most of the information are paraphrased by author. 
  • table and flow chart completion Diagram is based on the information provide in the paragraph. it could be process chart, mechanism or flow chart. there will be space and you have to write the correct Answer in between them.
  • True False and not given -these kind of question little tricky, most of student finding difficulty to solve it. author saying exact same which information given in paragraph then it is true, if the statement is contradict s then is false and if the information not given in the paragraph then it will be not given. 
  • Matching headlines - match the paragraph information with given question, sometimes you have to read full passage. No paragraph and heading used twice. 
  • Multiple choice - select the one answer by read the paragraph, just follow the keywords, it will be easy to find answer.
  • Matching sentence ending - These type of question are rare but simple. 
  • yes no and not given - these are the same type of question as previous but keep remember always read carefully what are they asking. 
  • Fill in the blanks. - blanks are the easiest part of reading just read the para and find the answer. 

r Download General reading Practice test pdf 

Makkar general reading practice and ielts general reading practice test British council in pdf version all are available here. 


            50 plus IELTS General reading practice test pdf 2021-22 with answers  

We bring New Ielts General reading practice test 2021. Below you can download 50 Academic reading test pdf 2021 with answers absolutely free of cost. Click below on the given test pdf file will be open and download. you can print out it or can take the test online. 

 IELTS General Reading practice test 1 pdf       Answer test 1

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