Describe A practical skill that you learned cue card with answer

IELTS cue card 2020: - A practical skill or an important skill that you learned

What you learned?
How long it took you to learn it?
Who helped you learn it?
And explain how this skill helped you in your life?
Describe A practical skill that you learned cue card with answer
Describe A practical skill that you learned cue card with answer

A Practical skill that you learned cue card with answer

  1. In our life, we go through various experiences where we learn a number of things like skills, social and moral values as well as how to tackle difficult situations.
  2. But here I would like to talk about a time when I learned a skill named driving.
  3. Actually, since my childhood, I have an interest in driving.
  4. But I could not get a chance to learn it.
  5. On my last birthday, my father gifted me a car when I got my driving license.
  6. I got extremely happy because I was passionate about having my own car and want to see myself at the wheel driving at a fast speed.
  7. It was not a difficult skill but it needs more dedication, practice, and concentration to learn.
  8. My brother taught me this skill in a good way because he has good driving skills.
  9. I started to learn driving, I spent approximately 4 to 5 hours a day.
  10. He told me all rules and regulations of driving and what should we do in different circumstances. Within one week I learned how to drive a car.
  11. He also told me that the documents of the car should be completed.
  12. I think to become a perfect driver, one year practice is needed.
  13. After that time, I daily commute to my city and college in my own car.
  14. I felt very happy after learning this important skill.
  15. Moreover, there are lots of benefits to learn driving like we become self-dependent.
  16. We can go anywhere where we want. I think this skill is essential for women also.
  17. I also faced some difficulties while learning it but my brother encouraged me that I can do it.
  18. With bravery and hard work, I achieved it.
  19. So this is the skill which I learned from my brother and it proves fruitful for me.

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