A visit you made using public transport cue card

     IELTS SPEAKING CUE CARDS - A visit you made using public transport 

  • When and where you went?
  • What kind of transport did you use?
  • How was your trip?

 A visit you made using public transport cue card,
 A visit you made using public transport cue card

 A visit you made using public transport 

  • In the fast pace of life, we commute from one place to another by public or private transport modes.
  • I have had various experiences of traveling by public transport.to pass long journeys I prefer to rails or buses. 
  • Here I am going to talk about a visit for which I used public transport. 
  • Actually, last month, I went to Chandigarh with my friend to visit many tourist places. 
  • We planned to reach the bus station at 6'o clock and at the bus stop we bought snacks and beverages to drink.  
  • We boarded a bus early in the morning, during travelling my friend told me interesting things about Sukhna lake and Rose garden which is situated in Chandigarh. 
  • We did gossiping which makes the journey more interesting. 
  • We reached there at 9'0 clock. Firstly we had breakfast, then we hire a cab to go to the Rose garden. This place is full of flowers and every kind of flower is planted there.  
  • Chandigarh is a beautiful and less polluted city. 
  • There is also17 sector which is famous for shopping, we did shopping there. 
  • In the evening time, the lush part of the city attracts every individual. 
  • Moreover, we clicked photographs. After some time, we went back to the bus station and took a bus to reach home. 
  • That journey was memorable for me and my friend because we spent precious time with each other. This was the time when I visited by bus.

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