IELTS cue card 2020- describe a uniform you wear at your school cue card

                       IELTS speaking cue card 2020 - describes a uniform you wear at your school cue card

  • When you wear it?
  • Who bought it for you?
  • What does it look like?
  • How you feel about it?

describe a uniform you wear at your school cue card
describe a uniform you wear at your school cue card

Describe a uniform you wear at your school or company cue card with answer

  1. Uniform is mandatory to maintain discipline at schools or even at the workplace. 
  2. It is the identity of every workplace and school organizations. 
  3. My school was not exceptional in this case
  4. I do not wear any uniform now, but I used to wear it in my school.
  5. In fact, in my school, we had different uniforms for summer and winter. 
  6. Here I want to describe winter uniform which was a white shirt with steel grey bottoms along with blazer, a tie, belt, and black shoes, this dress enhanced my personality. 
  7. Our school uniform was quite different than other school's uniform. 
  8. The day I remember when I went to the market with my father to buy a uniform. 
  9. I really felt proud because my school uniform was looking more elegant. 
  10. I had to buy it every alternate year because of my physical growth. 
  11. I used to take great care of my uniform and kept it neat and tidy. 
  12. This also got me compliments from my teachers.
  13. Moreover, uniform promotes the sense of equality among the children. 
  14. It reduces the caste discrimination and it helps to understand the value of discipline. 
  15. I made friends who had different social background because all were looking equal in the uniform. My parents also taught me the value of uniforms. 
  16. Our teachers used to punish us when we did not wear a uniform. 
  17. In the end, I would like to say that not many students understand the importance of wearing a uniform, but it must be taught to them.

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