Talk about a traditional object of your country that you bought cue card

 Talk about a traditional object of your country that you bought
Talk about a traditional object of your country that you bought

- What is it
- How is it made
- When did you try it for the first time
- Why do you like it

India is rich in culture and tradition.

Each state has its different traditional products.

Here I am going to talk about a Punjabi traditional object named  Pakhi.

Pakhi is a handmade fan used in the past for different purposes.

But it is still widely used in many urban areas.

I bought it from the market at my cousin's wedding.

Because it is used in the wedding ceremony in Punjab.

It is a round-shaped handmade beautiful embroidered pakhi (fan).

The elegant artwork done on both sides of the fan gives it a stunning look.

which makes it the best prop for using on Giddha dance performance on stage.

Its handle is made up of wooden steel. 

It can also be used as a showpiece.

People use it for decoration purposes, they give a Punjabi traditional look to their drawing-room by hanging it on the wall.

It can also be used to get cool air in summer.

Last summer, when there was no electricity in our town I used this handmade fan to get relief from the heat.

I like this because it connects me to my culture and traditions.

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1. Describe another traditional product from your country (apart from what you spoke about)

India is a diverse country. There are many traditional products in India. We have earthen pots,

ceramic pottery of Jaipur, puppets of Rajasthan, phulkari embroidery of Punjab, hand-knotted

carpets of Srinagar and many more.

2. What are the benefits of traditional products to locals?

Traditional products keep the locals in touch with their culture and tradition. They also become a source of earning, when tourists show interest in these products and buy them.

3. Do you think the government should help in the promotion of traditional products?

Definitely, it should. If governments promotes traditional products, only then these will remain alive, otherwise these products will die and so will our culture and tradition.

4. Do you think because of globalization countries are adopting each other traditions.

Yes, as countries know about these traditions, they adopt them. In a way it is good. Khadi is our traditional products which are in high demand in foreign.

5. Why people buy traditional products because of their traditional value or because of they
are handmade.

People buy these products for both these reasons. Handmade things have their own charm and only handmade thinks can have the real traditional value. 

6. Did the traditional things of the past have more value than the present things?

Yes, of course. We must remember that the things we consider new and modern today will become traditions for the future. So, the traditional things of the past were different and as time passes those things become antiques and so become more valuable.

7. Did the traditional things of the past have better quality than the present things?

Not necessarily. The things made today also have good quality. Actually, it depends on the person

making those things. There have always been good craftsmen and bad craftsmen.

8. Is it necessary to protect traditions?

Yes, of course. Traditions are our roots. They keep connected to our past. Without traditions we would feel cut off from our roots.


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