Describe a time when you observed the stars cue card with follow ups

 Describe a time when you observed the stars cue card with follow-ups

Describe a time when you observed the stars cue card with follow ups

- When you observed the stars
- Where and with whom do you go with
- What you observed
- And explain how you felt when you saw the stars.

The universe is full of magical things, and stars are one of them because they are billions of miles away but still we can see them from the earth.

In my school days, my science teacher taught me about the universe, I'm always been curious to know more about the stars, moon, sun and planets

Here I am going to tell you when I saw the stars through a telescope

My elder brother is doing PhD in astronomy and he has a telescope.

Last month he bring his telescope home.

I was very excited to see the stars from near.

As the darkness starts all the family members came to Terrace and My brother also took his telescope

First, he set up his telescope and told me to look into it.

When I focused on a star I was really over the moon.

It was an amazing Moment to observe the stars.

The Stars were looking like small dots but gleamed brightly.

There were also some clusters of stars (तारों का समूह) and they looked cloudy and bluish-green coloured.
One interesting thing my brother told me about stars.
He told me
           (Read carefully) imp lines
When you look at a star, you are looking at the light that came from the star.

Because stars are so far away, it takes years for their light to reach us.

Therefore, when you look at a star, you are seeing what it looked like years ago.

It is entirely possible that some of the stars you see tonight do not exist anymore.

All the family members were very happy to see the beauty of the stars.

I too felt very relaxed and peaceful and realized how much beauty and mysteries are hidden in this universe


1. Why do people like to study the sky?

People like to study the sky to notice the changes in weather; some see it as an inspiration for arts 
like painting, photography, etc. It is also important to study about sky and space to understand that 
we are a part of a very large universe, which ignites our curiosity about what’s beyond the sky. 
Some people study it, as they believe that planetary movements affect a person’s fate. 

2. Do you know any story related to planets?

I don’t remember any one story, but I used to read the comics series Chacha Chaudhary, in which 
there is a giant named ‘Sabu’ who visits Earth from Jupiter and decides to stay back with Chacha 
Chaudhary, after he tastes the food on Earth. There are also many movies made about superheroes 
from other planets, like PK, Spiderman. 

3. Do you think children should be told planet stories to improve their imagination?

Yes, definitely. It is very important that children be told stories about other planets. It most 
certainly helps improve their creativity and imagination, because of the curiosity it ignites/creates 
in their minds. Some children also end up taking it up as a career path, e.g. astronauts, space 
research scientists, rocket engineers, etc. 

4. Would children be benefited from watching stars?

Yes, children would be benefitted from watching stars. They become curious about the universe 
and outer space, which help increase their creativity and also, might help them chose it as a career 
path in the future. 

5. Would you like to watch movies on planets?

Yes, I like to watch movies about other planets and outer space. In fact, I recently watched one such 
movie, PK, where an alien comes from another planet to Earth. It is a very good and inspirational 
movie, where this alien character has been used very nicely to portray all the blind superstitions we 
follow. This movie was a blockbuster/super-hit. 

6. Did you like to watch the sky when you were young?

Yes, I liked to watch the sky when I was young. I remember that during summer vacations, we used 
to visit our farmhouse and we used to sleep outside, in the open. At that time I did not know 
anything about constellations, but we used to find the night sky with the twinkling stars very 
fascinating and beautiful


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