Talk about a new startups in the society cue card

 Talk about a new startup in the society cue card 

Talk about a new startup in the society
Talk about New startups in the society

• What do you know about the startups
• What are the advantages
• What can be the potential disadvantages

Well, A startup is a new business with new ideas that are initiated by a single or a group of members.

Due to competition era getting a job is very hard. so nowadays many youngsters are coming with new unique ideas and establishing their venture.

There are many different kinds of startups in every field. By which a company provide the services to the customers or add values to the clients and in return earn huge profits.

Start-ups play a vital role in boosting up the economy of a nation.

Startups offer their services in a more efficient, cost-effective and competitive manner.

Moreover, it helps to make people self-reliant and create new employment opportunities.

The most successful eg. Is Paytm. Which was started by a single man and now it is one of the top ten company in India.

But We cannot ignore the drawbacks of startups 

it requires a lot of capital and time to establish a startup. After that business and marketing strategy plays a crucial role in the success of the startup. But most of the time's startup management failed to achieve it. 

It has been observed that most startups fail in the middle before facing success.

But all these things can not stop an entrepreneur from moving forward to beginning a new journey.

at last I just want to say in upcoming years there will be more startups arose.

so we can not underestimate the power of startups.

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