Describe a bag you want to own cue card

Describe a bag you want to own cue card

Describe a bag you want to own cue card
Describe a bag you want to own cue card

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- What kind of bag it is?
- Where you want to buy it
- How much it will cost you
- Why you want this kind of bag

In my life, I have purchased different kind of bags like sling bags, totes, backpacks and clutches but here I want to talk about a bag that I would like to own.

This is a backpack which I want to purchase from Gucci store.

It is expensive due to its high brand value and quality.

It is one of my desire  to purchase a  backpack of Gucci brand which is made up of high quality of leather.

I like black color of bag because Gucci store provide miscellaneous bags.

I want to buy this bag because during the travel I can carry my laptop my camera as well as my clothes.

Actually, my friend has also bag of this brand, the durability of this bag is long-lasting.

It is a very expensive bag. 

Its price will be around 15k to ₹ 20k.

so I am collecting money to purchase it one day.

Actually I have watched this bag in many popular songs in which this bag is carried by various models.

So I have planned to buy this bag on my next birthday.

So this is the bag that I want to buy.

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