Describe a person who wears unusual clothes cue card

 Describe a person who wears unusual clothes cue card

Describe a person who wears unusual clothes cue card

• Who is he
• How do you know him
• What kind of clothes he wears
• Why do you consider that
his clothing is weird.

I am fond of buying new clothes but I personally avoid wearing strange clothes.

I Know many celebrities who wear unusual clothes and call it a unique fashion sense.

Here I would like to talk about a person who likes to wear unusual clothes.

He is my childhood friend.

We have studied together since primary school.

We are very close and he shares his every talk with me. He considers Ranveer Singh as his role model.

If we talk about his clothing habits he likes to wear gaudy clothes.

One time he wore the girlish costume in our school farewell party.

One time he wore shoes that were of two different colours.

Everyone was shocked to see the costume he wore on that day even some teachers laughed at him.

I also saw him wearing winter clothes in summer days.

I asked him the reason behind wearing these type of clothes he just simply replied that he doesn't care about anyone he will wear whatever he wants.

After listening to this I felt proud of his fearless nature.

Even today we met in the morning he was wearing formal clothes while playing football.

Apart from all this, he has a very kind and generous nature.

He always cracks me up with his witty jokes.

All in all, I am glad he is my friend.

So this is the person that I know who wears strange clothes.


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