Describe a job that you think is interesting cue card

 Describe a job that you think is interesting cue card


Describe a job that you think is interesting cue card

-What is it?
-Why do you think it is interesting?
-How do you know it?
-What necessary skills does it need?

Well, All jobs are respected and unique in their own way.

I find the job of a pilot to be incredibly interesting. 

A pilot is responsible for safely operating an aircraft and transporting passengers or cargo to their destinations. 

It is a career that combines technical expertise, a sense of adventure, and a high level of responsibility. 

What makes being a pilot interesting to me is the thrill of flying and the opportunity to travel to different places. 

The feeling of taking off into the sky, maneuvering through the clouds, and experiencing the freedom of flight is truly exhilarating. 

Pilots get to see breathtaking views, witness stunning sunsets from above, and explore various destinations around the world.

I have always been fascinated by aviation and aircraft. Growing up, I would often visit airports, watch planes take off and land, and read aviation books. 

To be a successful pilot, one needs a combination of technical skills, knowledge, and personal qualities. 

Essential skills include excellent hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and the ability to handle stressful situations calmly and effectively. 

Pilots must have a strong understanding of aerodynamics, navigation, weather patterns, and aircraft systems. Effective communication and teamwork skills are also crucial, as pilots often work with a co-pilot and air traffic controllers.

Furthermore, pilots must undergo rigorous training and obtain the necessary certifications and licenses. They must continuously update their knowledge and skills through recurrent training and stay current with aviation regulations.

 Being a pilot can be an incredibly rewarding and fascinating profession.

second sample 

1. Do most Indian people live in an apartment or house? 

I think it depends on the region they are living in. In most of the big cities, like the metropolitan cities, people live in apartments, as there is a scarcity of land in such places and to accommodate the ever-increasing population, there are more and more apartment buildings being built. However, in the small cities, towns and the countryside, we can find people mostly living in houses, rather than apartments. 

2. Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves? 

In my country, young people like to live with their parents, unless they have to move to another city or country, for higher education or for better career prospects. It’s a part of the Indian culture for children to live with their parents. 

3. Do Indian people like to rent a place to live? 

No, Indian people do not like to rent a place to live. I think it’s the dream of almost every Indian to own his/her own house. 

4. Would you live in a foreign country in the future? 

Yes, definitely. I would like to live in a foreign country in the future. I plan to pursue my education abroad. I think there are better education facilities and better job opportunities in developed countries. 

5. How is modern home design in your country different to that of the past? 

The modern home design is very different to that of the past, in my country. The material being used now in the construction of houses if much advanced, like weather proof paints, insulated walls, soundproof windows, etc. The design of the modern houses is according to the space available. There is better utilization of space in the modern home designs. The homes in the past used to be more spacious and not equipped to handle the latest electronic gadgets and equipment, like washing machine, microwave, dishwashers & so on. 


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