Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed cue card

 Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed cue card


You should say:

  • What was taught in the class?
  • When did you take the class?
  • Where it was?
  • What did the teacher do that made you enjoy it?


During my school days, English was my favourite subject, and I had an excellent teacher named Mrs. sharma. One English lesson that stood out to me was when she taught us how to write a persuasive essay.

I was in 9th grade at the time, and the lesson took place in our regular classroom. Mrs. Johnson began by introducing us to the basics of essay writing, including the structure, purpose, and essential elements. She then gave us a sample topic to write about, which was "Should students be required to wear uniforms to school?"

After discussing the topic as a class, Mrs. sharma divided us into groups and gave us time to research and gather evidence to support our arguments. Each group was responsible for presenting their findings to the class, and we had a lively debate about the topic.

What made this lesson enjoyable was Mrs. sharma's approach to teaching. She was patient, encouraging, and passionate about helping us learn. Her use of group work and interactive activities kept us engaged and allowed us to practice our critical thinking skills.

Furthermore, I appreciated the practical nature of the lesson. We were given a real-world scenario, and we had to use our language skills to present a persuasive argument. This helped me develop my writing skills, and I still use the techniques I learned in that lesson to this day.

Overall, Mrs. sharma's English lesson on persuasive essay writing was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I had in school, and it helped me develop my language skills in a practical and engaging way.



Describe an English class/lesson that you enjoyed cue card

One English class that I thoroughly enjoyed was a creative writing workshop that I attended during my university years. The class was held in a small seminar room, and there were around 10 students in the class.

The teacher, Professor Brown, was a published author and poet, and her enthusiasm for writing was contagious. She started the class by giving us a writing prompt and asking us to brainstorm ideas on how to approach it. Then, she encouraged us to write freely for a set amount of time without worrying about grammar or structure.

After we finished writing, we would share our work with the class and receive feedback from Professor Brown and our peers. This was always an insightful and constructive process, and I learned a lot about how to improve my writing from the feedback I received.

One particular activity that I found very enjoyable was when Professor Brown gave us a group task to create a short story together. We were divided into groups of three, and each group had to come up with a unique storyline, characters, and setting. It was a challenging task, but it was also a lot of fun, and it allowed us to work collaboratively and learn from each other's ideas.

What made this English class so enjoyable was the teacher's ability to create a supportive and creative environment where we felt comfortable expressing ourselves through writing. Professor Brown's passion for writing was contagious, and her feedback and guidance were invaluable in helping me improve my writing skills. Overall, this creative writing workshop was a memorable and enriching experience that helped me develop my language skills and fostered my love for writing.


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