Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste cue card

 Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste IELTS Cue Card 

Describe a Time When You Saw a Lot of Plastic Waste IELTS Cue Card


You should say:

[ ] Where and when you saw the plastic waste?
[ ] Why there was a lot of plastic waste?
[ ] What you did do after you saw it?
[ ] And explain what your thoughts were about this.

There is no doubt that the pollution rate has reached its peak. 

There are several causes behind it like the utmost usage of private vehicles, deforestation and over 

consumption of plastic. 

Plastic waste has become a serious concern in almost all countries. 

As plastic waste contains harmful chemicals which get dissolved directly or indirectly in our food items and create many health problems. 

Here I would like to talk about a time when I saw tons of plastic waste. 

During my last summer vacation, I went to Mumbai with my family. 

There we visited a lot of places but I was excited to visit Juhu beach, as I thought it would be a pleasing and wonderful area but the reality was different. 

When we went to the beach we saw countless plastic bottles, wrappers, and polythene bags all around the beach. 

I felt extremely bad about it. 

It is a very famous tourist spot and people come there from far-flung areas to see the beauty of the beach. 

That's why it is always crowdy. 

I also observed that individuals throw rubbish and used bottles without any reluctance.

That I think is the main reason behind the unhygienic environment of the beach. 

It also put a negative impact on marine species. 

At the same time, we saw volunteers who were trying to clean the beach. 

Being responsible citizens we also decided to help them to clean the beach. 

We worked there for almost 5 hours and tried to help, whatsoever we could have done. 

I think that it must be the responsibility of every citizen to keep the environment clean. 

We should use dustbins to throw rubbish instead of throwing it in the streets and on the roads. 

Moreover, the government should impose a ban on the production of plastic and charge penalty against people who throw rubbish in public places. 

I think that other alternatives must be made to restrict the overuse of plastic. 

So this was the time when I saw a lot of plastic waste.

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