Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store cue card

Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store cue card

Describe a Problem You had while Shopping Online or in a Store

You should say:

[  ] When did it happen?
[  ] What did you buy?
[  ] What problem you had?
[  ] And explain how you felt about the experience.

The development of Technology brings an immense change in the field of shopping.

We can buy anything Online with the help of a mobile phone using the internet, and the products reach our doorstep within a few days.

But every comfort always has some drawbacks, thus online shopping also has a few complications.

The main issue with online shopping is the quality and authenticity of the products.

Last month, I was looking for a smartwatch online for myself.

One of the renowned websites known as Flipkart, where I found several articles from different brands like fire bolt, Samsung, Rolex, titan etc.

After surfing a lot, finally I selected a watch and ordered it.

It was a leather strip, round dial watch with Bluetooth calling feature.

I felt delighted because I got a discount of 30%.

After three days I received my order.

I was very excited to open it when I unboxed it, I got delighted as on the first impression it was looking very elegant.

When I remove the cover of the dial, I saw a few scratches on it.

I got a little disappointed.

After that,  I pressed the start button, it was also not working properly.

It seems that sellers delivered me used products. I got deceived.

I felt disheartened because I was too much excited to wear that watch.

Luckily, Flipkart app provides you with the option to return/replace the product if you are not satisfied.

Immediately, I requested to return the watch.

They accepted my request and told me that your product would be returned within a week.

After a week, they took the watch and refund the money into my bank account.

I had a terrible experience with online shopping.

I think that we must buy products from reliable websites and be careful while shopping.

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Question 1:-What kind of customer service do you think is good?

A good customer service means following best practices like valuing customers' time, having a pleasant attitude, and providing knowledgeable and resourceful resources, but that you also take things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations.

Companies must make sure that their customer service is timely and of excellent quality, and they must engage with them cheerfully. Companies should different discount and sales on timely so their customer stay engage with them.

Question 2:-What is the difference between shopping online and in-store?

There is a big difference while shopping online and in a store. Shopping online we are not bound and to a specific store or a product, we can buy any brand and any product online, while offline we have are limited. But shopping in a store have its own importance and benefits.

Question3:- What problem do customers often have while shopping?

The biggest issue is when you are not able to locate the store. For example- If we are out looking for a particular type of clothes, our time is spent in asking for directions and looking for alternative stores. As human beings we don’t want to end up visiting only one store but we want to visit multiple stores so that we get choice and better pricing. True there are Google Maps and Just dial to your rescue but even technology has it’s own limitations.

Question 4:- What do you think customers should do when there are problems with the product bought online?

They should contact to customer support service, nowadays lots of facilities provided by online shopping website like product replacement, but if you are not satisfied then you can ask for refund by returning their product. But personally I feel we should be shopping on trusted website like amazon, where we get authentic product and services. 

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