Astronaut ice cream, anyone reading asnwers

 Astronaut ice cream, anyone? Reading answers

Astronaut ice cream, anyone?

Astronaut ice cream, anyone?

Freeze-drying is like suspended animation for food: you can store a freeze-dried meal for years, and then, when 

you’re finally ready to eat it. you can completely revitalise it with a little hot water. Even after several years, the 

original foodstuff will be virtually unchanged. The technique basically involves completely removing the water from 

some material, such as food while leaving the rest of the material virtually intact. The main reason for doing this is 

either to preserve the food or to reduce its weight. Removing the water from food keeps it from spoiling, because 

the microorganisms such as bacteria that cause spoiling cannot survive without it. Similarly, the enzymes which 

occur naturally in food cannot cause ripening without water, so removing water from food will also stop the 

ripening process.

Answer Table

1. transportation8. freezing coil2. pharmaceuticals9. (refrigerator) compressor3. manuscripts10. enzymes4. sublimation11. composition5. simple drying (techniques)12. overheating6. (freeze-drying) chamber13. high altitudes7. shelves

Answer Table 2nd paragraph 

1. NOT GIVEN8. exotic flowers2. TRUE9. (domestic) cats3. TRUE10. 814. NOT GIVEN11. C, E, G (IN ANY ORDER)5. NOT GIVEN12. C, E,G (IN ANY ORDER)6. FALSE13. C, E, G (IN ANY ORDER)7. woodland species14. C

Answer Table 3rd paragraph 

1. iii8. A2. vi9. B3. ii10. C4. vii11. B5. viii12. A6. iv13. B7. C


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