Describe something you received for free cue card

 Describe something you received for free cue card

Describe something you received for free cue card
 Describe something you received for free cue card

What it was
Who you received it from- 
Where you received it
And how you felt about it

Well, receiving anything free gives us a great feeling.

I have received many free things in my life, but here I would like to talk about a religious painting which I received free.

Last year, I went to Sri Nankana sahib which is in Pakistan.

I went there with my family members.

It was a very precious moment for every Indian to visit the neighbouring country as it was happening for the first time in history when India Pakistan border was opening.

It was the time of Gurupurab.

This place is the birthplace of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who is the first Sikh guru.

That's why most of the Punjabi communities went there to pay obeisance.

I also bowed down in the historical Sikh temple.

After that, my brother and I started to visit the local market that is just beside the temple.

We visited a gift shop which was full of beautiful collages and photographs of historical moments.

The shopkeeper warmly welcomed us as he know we came from India.

There I saw a beautiful painting of ten gurus which I wanted to purchase.

When I asked for the price, the Muslim shopkeeper came to me and gave me that painting for free.

I got shocked after this when I asked he replied that you are our guest and I can not take money from my guest.

I requested him to take the money but he refused.

After knowing this, I got delighted and felt cloud on nine.

Now, I have hung this picture on the wall of my living room as it spread positivity in my home.

Apart from this, I feel that we should not judge anyone by region, caste, religion or gender because everyone has a beautiful heart ❤️.
So this was the moment when i got something free. 

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