Describe a cafe you like to visit cue card

 Describe a cafe you like to visit cue card

Describe a cafe you like to visit?
Describe a cafe you like to visit
- Where it is
- What kinds of food and drinks does it serve
- What do you do there
- And explain why you like to go there

I belong to developing city there are several things are developing like the infrastructure of public places, the condition of roads and also some outlets.

But here I would like to talk about one cafe which has been recently built and I like to visit there twice a week with my friends or family members.

The name of the café is Daboo pizzas cafe. It is renowned in my town as many people visit there and it is known for its best qualities and services.

The staff members are very cooperative with the customers and the food is also hygienic.

Moreover, a wide variety of coffees is also there like Starbucks, cappuccino and mochas.

The foreign food is also there like pizza, burgers, pasta, Manchurian.

I like to visit there because the food quality is excellent and people appreciate their services.

The special thing about this cafe is that everything is available at a cheap price anyone can go there and enjoy food with their loved ones.

Mostly, when I go there I specially order pizza with beverages.

The one more thing is that the interior decoration is very elegant which attracts me most, as well as background music, also freshens the environment.

Moreover, musicians bands and solo artists perform live concerts there

Whenever I feel bored at home at that time, I prefer to visit that place because it refreshes my mood.

So this is the Cafe where I usually go.

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