Talk about your level of English cue card

Talk about your level of English cue card

Talk about your level of English cue card
talk about your level of english 

• What it is.
• How and when you started to learn English.
• Are you satisfied with your current level?

Talk about your level of English cue card or level of your English cue card

English is a curiously expressive language.

Due to modernization, English has become an imperative part of our lives.

Its significance can be seen in almost every field.

Well, I have a fair amount of interest in learning new languages.

I am a multilingual person.

I know three languages that are English, Punjabi and Hindi.

I have even spoken to native English speakers a few times and I was able to communicate with them easily.

I have become fluent in English.

To be precise, I studied in a Punjabi school till my 6th grade.

So, I was not lucky enough to learn English from kindergarten.

As time progressed, I started to generate a lot of interest in this language.

My teacher enlightened me with all the benefits of learning English.

I started to watch YouTube videos to improve my vocabulary skills and grammar.

With time I gathered enough knowledge of the English language and now I can speak it in a confident way among everyone.

I will say my English level is intermediate.

I am continuously learning new words every day to enhance my knowledge of this language.

And I promise to myself I will become perfect one day in Speaking the English language.

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