Describe a live sporting event you attend recently cue card

 Describe a live sporting event you attend recently cue card

Describe a live sporting event you attend recently
Describe a live event you attend recently 

• What kind of sporting event it was
• Give detail of this event
• How often it takes place
• And explain why you consider this event to be interesting

I am a sports fanatic person.

Along with playing games, I also have a great interest in watching sports.

I have watched many sports events live but here I would like to talk about an IPL cricket match which I attend recently.

Indian premier league is commonly known as IPL.

It is contested by eight teams based out of eight different Indian cities.

The league was founded by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2007 and it is organized every year.

The match that I attended was held at Mohali cricket stadium. The stadium is very near to my hometown.

It was a semifinal Match between the Punjab kings and Chennai super kings.

I was very excited about this match because it was one of my favourite team's match.

I went there with my cousin and friends. We were supporting the Punjab team.

The atmosphere was so exciting that it encouraged the players a lot as soon as they came into the ground.

We all were very excited.

The biggest reason was that it was our first experience to see our favourite players playing in front of us.

The stadium was full of spectators.

Both teams played very well.

People were cheering and hooting for their favourite teams and players.

As soon as the ball hit the boundaries or wickets people started clamouring.

Overall, it was a nice experience for me. Visiting the stadium, the crowd of people, shouts from the supporters were exciting and energetic.

At last, unfortunately, my team lost the match. 

I was a little bit disappointed but after all, it's sports and winning and losing is a part of the game.

After the match, we all kept talking about it while returning to our homes.
So this is the live sporting event that I attended recently.

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