Describe a magazine that you like cue card

              Describe a magazine that you like cue card

Describe a magazine that you like cue card

  • You should say: 
  • What the magazine is 
  • When you started reading this magazine 
  • What the content is 
  • And explain why you like this magazine

Describe a magazine that you like to read IELTS cue card

Well, I Don't read magazines that much but sometimes when i am free i like to read them . 

Here i would to like to talk about a magazine that i really like. The magazine name is India today .

it is a weekly Indian English language news magazine 

it is published by living media India limited.

it is most widely circulated magazine in India ,with a readership of close to 8 million, which makes it quite popular in my country. 

The magazine contains all that we need to know in terms of traveling, such as reviews of numerous famous destinations, tips to save money when traveling or what we need to prepare for a trip. 

Besides, at the back of the magazine, there are a few discount coupons for some particular domestic tours which are run by tourist companies.

I have been a subscriber to this magazine for almost 2 years now and the experience was amazing.

I highly appreciate the content that is depicted in this magazine . To finish ,I would like to say it is a really informative magazine and it is definitely my favorite magazine so far.

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