Describe an area of science that in interests you

Describe an area of  science that in interests you | latest cue card 2020 Makkar

Describe an area of  science that interests you

You should say

- What it is

- How you learned about it

- Why are you interested in it

As we talk about our daily life and try to understand our surrounding activities then science is very helpful to explore and describe these things and activities.
There are many branches of science like physics, chemistry and biology.
But one of the really interesting field in physics is astronomy.
It is very vast and mesmerizing.
My interest originated in astronomy in my childhood
When I saw many pleasing activities in the sky like motion of planets, twinkling of stars and many more other activities.
I started becoming interested in it when our teacher taught about many interesting things about other planets, stars and asteroids.

My curiosity to learn about space and solar system as i was growing.
The lab session was also very enjoyable because our teacher taught it very interesting ways.
He told about aliens and also told us why we did not survive on other planets.
I never missed any program or live telecast on television related to space or universe.
Space has endless mysteries and there is so much to study about space.
It will help me to find and discover new things which I have learned till now.
I'm very interested in buying my own books of great astronomers and my own astronomical telescope to view more closely our universe.

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