Describe a book you read that you found useful cue card

Describe a book you read that you found useful or Describe an exciting book you read

Describe a book you read that you found useful

- When you read it

- What type of book is it

- What is it about

- Why did you find it useful

I am not fond of reading many books apart from my textbooks.

but during this pandemic time, I was free at home
so I decided to read a book which my friend gifted me, and I read it all.

I found this book very exciting and motivating and would like to read it again.

The book name is ‘Rich dad poor dad’.
Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dads story, and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing

• It was first published in 1997 and quickly became a must-read book for people who want to become rich with smart work.

The book has been translated into dozens of languages, sold around the world, and has become the number 1 Personal Finance book of all time.

Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of his two Dad’s in his childhood. His own father and the father of his best friend. While he loved both, they were very different when it came to dealing with finances.
starts with the idea that many of us are too afraid of being branded as a weirdo,

90% of people still stick to the outdated mantra “Go to school, go to college, get a job, play it safe.” when in reality no job is safe any more.

when your greed takes over, you might then spend the extra money on an improved lifestyle, like buying a car, and the payments eat up the money – this way you’re guaranteed to lose 100%
But if you educate yourself financially, you can multiply it but take the right decisions
I found it very useful for me. I learned from this book how to use money as a tool for wealth development. 

if you born poor it is not your fault but if you die poor it is totally your fault.
Hard work is important, but with smart work, you can enhance the productivity of quality of life.

If you take a risk you can win but if you do not take risks you definitely a loss.

This book I found useful, it guided me in my finance management and I recommend any of my friends to read this book

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Follows up question

1. Do people in your country like to read books?

Yes, people of my country like to read books. There are bookshops in most towns and cities, 

which are all doing good business.

2. What kinds of books are most popular in your country?

All types of books are very popular. India is a diverse country. People have diverse tastes in 

everything, including reading.

3. Do you think reading is important?

Yes, reading is very important. It develops imagination and also develops language skills.

4. Do you think electronic books will eventually replace paper books?

it is difficult to say, but yes on some extent. E-books have a lot of advantages

Benefits of e-books over traditional books

Easy to carry when you are on a trip. 

Need less storage space - 

Less costly 

sometimes it is free - 

You can do font adjustments. 

5. Some people like to collect books. Why do you think they do this?

They do so because they are a bookworm. They treat books as collectables and are proud of their collection they have a curiosity to learn many things from books. 

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