IELTS Cue Card 2020- Describe a challenge that you meet cue card

Let's talk about the IELTS cue card Describe a challenge that you meet. this cue card is easy to read and easy to remember.   

What was the challenge?
When and where did you complete/met it? 
Why was it difficult?How you felt about it?
Describe a challenge that you meet cue card
Describe a challenge that you meet cue card

Describe a challenge that you meet

  1. Life is full of challenges.
  2. At every stage of life, we meet different challenges from which we learn lessons of life and how to survive in difficult situations.
  3. I have been faced many situations in my life where I need to accepted challenges.
  4. Here I want to share one of them.
  5. It was the cooking competition which is held every year in my hometown.
  6. A number of females participate in this competition.
  7. Last year, I also participated in it.
  8. Firstly, I was afraid of accepting this challenge but my mother wanted to see me as a winner so she encouraged me.
  9. To become a perfect cook, I started to prepare all types of cuisines and took help from my mother because she has excellent culinary skills.
  10. Actually, my mother made me a good cook.
  11. She told me numerous things about the presentation of dishes and how to cook cuisines in an easy way.
  12. I found it very difficult because outsiders also participated in it.
  13. But I gave a challenge to myself that I will definitely win the trophy.
  14. At the day of competition, I had to pass three rounds, with more dedication and hard work I passed 3 rounds and won the competition with the blessings of God.
  15. Everyone appreciated me for the delectable dishes.
  16. I felt very happy.
  17. Firstly, I hugged my mother because she had a great contribution to winning this competition.
  18. It was a difficult challenge for me but I achieved it diligently.
  19. That is the day I realized that rather than fearing challenges we should welcome them.

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